We at Shetland BRC believe that education is key to saving the area wildlife. Therefore all of the activities at Shetland BRC will be free and open to the public in order to attract as many interested people we can and draw attention to these important issues. These activities will include exciting hands on demonstrations that will not only be fun for everyone but will give you the opportunity to learn about numerous species. In addition to learning about the animals, you will also be able to learn about animals natural habitats and how changes to the climate are affecting how they live and breed. No matter what age, Shetland BRC will have a fun and educational activity to enjoy. Shetland BRC is designed for people of all ages to come and learn and enjoy. We would love for you to come and visit us, we are sure once you do you will have a new appreciation for the wildlife in the Shetlands and become a lifelong supporter to help keep wildlife in the area thriving.