The Shetland BRC is a non profit entity kept running by a group of highly specialized group of students and doctors who have spent their lives working on and studying the importance of wildlife conservation. Shetland BRC does have a group or rotating doctors and students depending on the organization’s current needs, each one bringing new insights and ideas on how to keep our educational programs running and fun.

The one team member who is not part of the rotation in and out of the center is Dr. Steven Richards who specializes in rodents and amphibians. Dr. Richards has spent his lifetime working to study and understand wildlife. He is an expert in rodents and amphibians although he has an interest in all wildlife. When Dr. Richards is not learning more about wildlife you may find him trying his hand in the online casino world, particularly at the free slots games and exploiting casino bonus structures like free spins no deposit.

Dr Puffin is another Doctor on the team who specializes in the local birds in the area. As an expert on wildlife in the area, Dr Puffin has helped design many of interactive demonstrations you will enjoy at Shetland BRC. Her expertise allows us to have hands on experience with the wildlife while not harming or putting stress on the animals. When she is not in the office, you can find Dr. Puffin exploring the outdoors with her two mountain dogs.

We also have students who are the next generation of researchers and doctors who plan to dedicate their lives to issues in the wildlife. Here are a few of the students you might run into during a visit at the center.

Joe Smith spent the last 4 years studying at University focusing on the Shetland habitat. Joe Smith looks forward to launching Shetland BRC in order to help educate the public on issues that are important to him including wildlife conservation. When he is not out in field or in the lab learning, you can find him playing a match of football or spending time with his wife and two children.

Jenny Joe recently graduated with a Masters in Science from University with Honors. She is looking forward to starting her career here at Shetland BRC with a focus on Habitat Conservation. When she is not assisting us at the center, Jenny is an avid traveler and reader of all literature.