Shetland BRC believes in the protection of all the wildlife within the area. We take care of this wild life by protecting the animals, even though is a hard job to maintain. In order to protect and maintain the area, Shetland BRC is depending on donations. Over the years, we have received donations from a lot of different industries, who helped us with fighting the changes of our climate. The climate is a dangerous situation right now, because it directly affect the Shetland area and its wildlife. The environment starts to change, which makes it for a lot of animals impossibile to locate. Shetland BRC is responsible for helping these animals, by making the situation as comfortable as possible.

We received quite some interest about the current state of our area, which was shown by the increasement of our public. A few week ago, Shetland BRC organized a walk through the area together with the company Crypto Mania. This company consist out of interactive brokers, who clearly are interested in the environment. We showed them many wild animals and they were very thrilled to see them in real life. After our walk, the interactive brokers had made an enormous donation in order to keep our work. These moments are very precious to us, since we are now able to improve the living circumstances of more animals than usual. They also said they wanted to keep donation supplies on a frequent basis, which will happen every year.

The money donations that we receive will immediately be invested in education. Shetland BRC believes that education is the key to saving the area wildlife. The educational part of our business is to organize animal demonstrations to the audience. We teach people more about species and the way that they behave. Shetland BRC really cares about the animals and that is why we are so thankful of all the donations that we already received in the past. The organization also planned to demonstrate on specific locations, such as schools. We believe it is important to teach children more about animals at a very young age. The younger they are familiar with an animal, the better.

Shetland BRC already can see the improvement of the Shetland area. It starts to look like a healthy environment and the breeding of the animals are still continuing. It is important to continue our monitoring to make sure that we can maintain the area in this current condition. We are always aiming for a more healing place, but we know that this will take some time. Our goal is to keep doing what we do in order to take care of the animals, to protect them and teach people more about them. After all, we are all part of one planet and this is why it should be balanced between the life of animals and humans. Teaching young people more about animals may be resulting in a more lovable planet. By taking care of animals, we can improve our world to a better place.