At Shetland BRC we believe that the best way to protect the Shetland Wildlife is to educate the public on the importance of keeping the wildlife habitat healthy for generations to come. The Shetland Wildlife not only belongs to the people in the area, as well as the tourists who come from far and wide, to enjoy but it is also our responsibility to learn to value the wildlife and to learn to respect and appreciate it. We at Shetland BRC believe it is imperative to make sure the public has the information at its fingertips necessary to learn how we can coexist with the beauty of the wildlife around us. As a non profit environmental entity we are are dedicated to the conservation of these animals and their natural habitats through education.

We believe that educating the public about these important issues is imperative to preserve the wildlife for generations to come. As a result, the center has been built around educating the public while also having fun with the wildlife. Our center will have various demonstrations many of which will allow you to learn through interacting with the wildlife directly. Many studies have shown that when humans, especially children, are able to physically interact with the animals, they are more likely to build in emotional connection with the animal. The interaction with the wildlife not only helps you build a connection but makes it more likely you will find a need to take action and help work to conserve local wildlife in the future.

In today’s internet based world people, especially children, get so much information from TV and other forms of media that there is little emotional connection to the information they are absorbing. Our educational center’s goal is to change the way kids and their parents learn about the importance of conservation. Animals and the environments they live in are complex subject matters that take more than a 20 minute TV show to really learn and understand the importance of taking all steps we can take as humans to keep them healthy and safe. We believe our dynamic educational programs will help everyone understand the complexities in a thoughtful and fun way. At Shetland BRC you will be able to learn about some important topics such as:

Protecting wildlife habitats: This is one of the most important parts of making sure that wildlife species continue to thrive in their natural environments. Habitats can be destroyed by climate change, land use and other manmade disruptions. When an animal’s habitat is damaged or destroyed, it can quickly lead to the animals extinction. At Shetland BRC you will be able to explore all of these issues with our experts through different activities and learn what you can do to to help protect these animals natural habitats.

Important Issues in the Community: Everyday local officials are making decisions that can potentially have an impact on the wildlife in the area. These decisions can range from local business regulations to funds being set aside for environmental causes in the future. It is important to educate the citizens in the area about the importance of participating in the process and making sure your local lawmakers are making decisions that benefit everyone including the wildlife. Shetland BRC intends to help keep it visitors apprised of the important decisions facing the community so that you can call your  lawmakers and have a voice.

A visit to Shetland BRC will help you understand the many important issues facing the wildlife in the area through the various activities and demonstrations. Once you have had a chance to come and learn,  you will be able to make an informed decision on how much or how little you would like to become involved in helping the local wildlife.


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